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5 Benefits of Working with a Functional Medicine Coach

Something in your body feels off. It gets you wondering whether your existing routines are detrimental to your health, prompting you to lead a healthier lifestyle. However, figuring it out alone can be daunting. Don’t worry; a certified health coach can help with that. With an expert by your side, you’ll certainly reap the benefits of working with a functional medicine coach.

What is a functional medicine health coach?

The Institute for Functional Medicine describes functional medicine health coaches as trained professionals alongside physicians in collaborative care teams. In private practice, they can help you seek out a doctor or other experts if necessary. 

Functional medicine (FM) coaches do not diagnose or prescribe treatments. Instead, they offer direction and assistance in carrying out therapy plans prescribed by your practitioner. They will guide you to navigate new eating regimens, dietary adjustments, and physical activity protocols. This increases your chances of attaining the highest expression of health. 

So, what are the benefits of working with a functional medicine health coach?

1. You receive comprehensive care.

FM coaches consider the big picture, including your diet, lifestyle, personal relationships, and more. They have access to functional lab tests, so they don’t look at symptoms alone. This gives them a better understanding of where the imbalances in your body are taking place. Thus, they can incorporate your emotional, mental, and physical needs into your coaching plan using a customized, sustainable approach.

2. You get heard.

According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, doctors seldom elicit the patient’s agenda. When they do, they do so at the 11-second mark in the patient’s talk. They are quick to assume why patients visit their offices based on referrals and prior cases. 

On the other hand, functional medicine coaches give you more time to speak. They take the time to understand your needs, goals, concerns, challenges, and preferences. Because of this, they can show compassion and pay closer attention to your needs. 

3. You take charge of your own health. 

FM health coaches empower you as the authority on your own body, environment, and circumstances. They will guide you in choosing actionable goals you can achieve at a pace suitable for you. Together, you can discover your internal motivations so you can gain confidence and assume responsibility for your well-being. You will succeed much more than those who are just given information and told what to do with it.

5. You gain more accountability.

FM health coaches will help you to stay accountable at each stage of your journey. They know change is a nonlinear process. Occasionally roadblocks appear. Expect them to regularly check in with you to hold you accountable for your decisions in a motivating and supportive way. They will help you reconnect with your main goals and identify the barriers standing in your way.

6. You feel more accomplished.

With an FM coach, you have a better chance of succeeding and feeling happier. You can anticipate an improvement in your quality of life, including a mood boost and stress reduction. You’ll also form new habits that you can keep for the rest of your life. Better relationships, a healthier work-life balance, and other significant life gains may result from these habits.

The Bottom Line

Feel empowered, encouraged, and supported! Achieving your health goals is now easier than ever with a coach’s expertise and resources combined with your dedication! Speak with our functional medicine health coach today, and let us help set you up for success. Soon you’ll reap the benefits of working with a functional medicine coach.