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Our Method

Our goal with every patient is to help them uncover the root cause of their symptoms by blending the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. We do this by partnering with our patients and their doctors to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is achievable and sustainable. We draw upon over 22 years of clinical practice and patient experiences, and ultimately, we craft a custom-curated set of tools to support and empower you on your healing journey.

How We Do It

Both Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine look at a person holistically. Though one form of medicine is ancient and thousands of years old and the other is modern, both modalities ask how and why illness occurs and restore health and balance in the body by addressing the root causes of disease on a very individual basis.

Utilizing Chinese Medicine, Dr. Iona performs various diagnostic exams that incorporate looking, asking, smelling/hearing, and palpating. She is just as interested in a person’s physical issues as in other aspects of their lives, including their relationships, life stresses, or spiritual state.

Likewise, by shifting from the traditional disease-centered focus to a more patient-centered approach, Functional Medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. A detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors allows us to utilize that data to create a personalized treatment plan.

Unlike traditional Western medicine, our method does not adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach to healing. For example, diagnostic tests may reveal that a person with stomach pain has a peptic ulcer. If two more patients present with peptic ulcers, chances are good that all three patients will be treated with the same medication and protocol regardless of any other information. However, as a Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Iona attempts to discover as many sources of stomach pain as possible by uncovering all the circumstances surrounding it. Even if the endoscopic exam concurs that there is a peptic ulcer present, she knows that each patient will respond differently to environmental and lifestyle factors. This means that the diagnosis will be unique to the individual, and therefore, the treatment will be, as well.

How We Get There


Free Initial Consultation

Your free initial consultation allows you to meet briefly with Dr. Iona to discuss your primary health concerns and your treatment goals. This appointment is done over the phone and allows us to make sure that we are a good fit before moving on to your initial appointment and full intake.




Your First Visit

Your initial session is a telehealth appointment that consists of a deep dive into your medical history. We delve into everything from lab results to lifestyle factors, from past traumas to pain points, and more. During this visit, we also discuss individual antecedents, triggers, and mediators. Antecedents are factors that predispose to illness (genetics); triggers are activators that provoke symptoms of an illness (stress leads to IBS symptoms); mediators are contributing factors (environmental, dietary, etc.). Understanding the antecedents, triggers, and mediators that underlie illness or dysfunction in each person allows us to create a unique and customized treatment plan.
We will schedule your first follow-up and in-office appointment for a few days later. There, we conduct a physical assessment according to Chinese medicine and develop a treatment plan based on our intake and live findings.
Our treatment plan will likely incorporate acupuncture to send information energetically deep into the body, restore balance, and release areas of blocked energy flow. Customized plans often include other healing therapies such as bodywork and moxibustion. When appropriate, we also make recommendations for herbal and nutritional supplements, dietary changes, and lifestyle shifts, all culminating in a comprehensive blueprint to elevate your health.

Ongoing Treatment for Resolution

This is the active phase of care at regular intervals where all our recommendations are in progress. Frequency of office visits and how long they continue depends on the severity and chronicity of your issue. Often, we recommend beginning with two visits per week for a couple of weeks to gain momentum, but most patients start with, or quickly transition to, once-weekly office visits. With each subsequent visit we assess your symptoms and progress through questions and answers, pulse and tongue diagnosis, and palpation of various points on your body. Your treatment plan is always fluid and modified accordingly. Some patients will find that making a few simple changes will have a profound effect on their health rather quickly. Other times, more digging and discovering is necessary.

Improvement and Transitional Care

Once we see stable and regular improvements, frequency of office visits can be reduced, though many of our patients choose to continue with acupuncture maintenance care. Many have standing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments because acupuncture makes them feel so good. Your personal commitment to your customized treatment plan outside of the office (embracing the recommended changes) is likely to expedite your transition to this level of care.

Ready to get started?

We offer in-person and Telehealth appointments. Work with us from anywhere.

Patient Love

Dr. Iona has been treating me for five weeks, and the improvement in my health is amazing. Several issues that were causing me pain and suffering have already been alleviated. I feel like a new man! I would highly recommend her.

Mark H.

I can’t say enough about Michelle! She is a true healer, she takes the time to listen to the patient and develop a individual plan of care to address symptoms and overall wellness. Michelle goes above and beyond for her patients making sure they are comfortable and safe. Her knowledge is evident in everything she does and she evaluates you as a whole not just a symptom. She has helped me tremendously in so many aspects, she keeps you grounded and just truly cares! I recommend her highly to everyone as their is nothing she cannot help you with! Thank you, Michelle for all your healing services!!

Maryann F.

I have been a patient of Michelle Iona for 9 years. She is a wealth of knowledge! My journey with Michelle began when I was trying to get pregnant. I was going through IVF treatments at the time I met Michelle. The IVF cycles were difficult and stressful. A friend of mine told me about trying acupuncture to help relieve stress during this challenging and emotional time. I made an appointment! It was the best decision I made. After 6 IVF cycles, I had my sweet daughter. I continue to have acupuncture with Michelle. She treats me for headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and anything else that needs some TLC. The office is warm and welcoming. The rooms are beautiful and clean. I look forward every time I walk into Healing Points. Thank you, Michelle…my friend!

Cindy W.

I have been completely amazed at the incredible impact Dr. Iona has had on my life in such a short amount of time. From my experience, I had incredible changes in my mental health, energy and drive after the first visit. As a mom of two young kids I thought the way I was feeling just came with the job. I was so wrong. I actually hesitated to sign up because of costs but can now see that she is worth every penny and well deserving of all her recommendations. She truly wants to help you and provides you with a very comprehensive treatment approach. Save yourself the time, aggravation and costs of trying to figure it out on your own. You NEED to start here. Thank you for all you do Dr. Michelle Iona!

Grace Z