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About Us

We are dedicated to providing the care necessary to support your body’s own self-healing abilities by offering you the tools you need to repair and take care of yourself optimally.

Meet Michelle

Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Our Method

Restore health and balance.

Our Philosophy

Providing necessary care.


Our frequently asked questions.

Friends and Family

We pride ourselves on that most of our new patients are referred to us by existing or former patients who have experienced life-changing benefits from our work. We look forward to helping you and then helping your friends, family, and loved ones on their journey to a more healthful and joyful life. We appreciate you and those that you refer to us.

Patient Love

I've known Dr. Iona for a number of years and have shared my medical history with her throughout that time. Her approach to health & wellness is gentle & simple. She takes the time to know your whole self, not just treating the immediate ailment. Through Dr. Iona's encouragement, I was able to set a course to healthy nutrition. I've been following an elimination diet w/hints of Keto customized for MY body since March 4th...I've lost 15lbs as of this morning. My BP has dropped dramatically, my gut is healing, and energy levels are increasing. She continues to follow my progress, offers input & feedback when it's needed, and is truly invested in my success. She really understands the wholeness of the mind, body & spirit. I still have work to do, it's not just about numbers on the scale. Through Dr. Iona's guidance I've gained the tools to move forward.

Krystin R.

I have been a patient of Michelle Iona for 9 years. She is a wealth of knowledge! My journey with Michelle began when I was trying to get pregnant. I was going through IVF treatments at the time I met Michelle. The IVF cycles were difficult and stressful. A friend of mine told me about trying acupuncture to help relieve stress during this challenging and emotional time. I made an appointment! It was the best decision I made. After 6 IVF cycles, I had my sweet daughter. I continue to have acupuncture with Michelle. She treats me for headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and anything else that needs some TLC. The office is warm and welcoming. The rooms are beautiful and clean. I look forward every time I walk into Healing Points. Thank you, friend!

Cindy W.

Dr. Iona is one of the most talented doctors i have ever visited ( and there’s been a lot). After a series of 6 concussions I was diagnosed with a tramatic brain injury and suffered from nerve damage in my eyes. During this period, I could not go to school without severe migraines that would keep me home for days at a time. Along with not being able to go to school, I could not learn or even read due to the severity of my concussion. I was in fear that i would not be able to attend college due to this major setback. After 10 months of sitting in my home with no hope i was introduced to Michelle. Within one month, Dr. Iona had me symptom free and gave me my life back. Michelle put me on an elimination diet, with lots of encouragement from her and her staff I changed my diet and lifestyle completley. I have never felt healthier in my entire life and i owe it all to her. As of right now, I have lost 25 pounds and am able to get back out and do all the things I missed out on for so long. Although it was a long hard journey Dr. Iona has helped me more ways than words can describe.

Leila K.

Dr. Iona is very professional and extremely detailed. She has a wonderful way of diagnosing ailments and suggesting treatments. I am extremely satisfied with Michelle and feel very confident recommending her. The treatments have been very helpful.

Mara Urshel, Kleinfeld

I started seeing Dr. Iona a few months ago for FSM (frequency specific microcurrency) for anxiety and stress management. I was referred to her by a peer on Long Island. She has absolutely changed my life, introducing an amazing, holistic way to manage my anxiety/stress. I am so much more relaxed in my day to day. While I live in NYC, I’ve so valued Dr. Iona’s help that I make the trip out to Long Island 1x per week every week/every other week. Her bedside manner is phenomenal, and I always enjoy coming into the office. If you’re interested in FSM or acupuncture, I highly recommend you come to Dr. Iona and check out her services. Absolutely amazing 🙂

Kristen A.