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Here are a few of our favorite things; things we love and use ourselves, and also recommend regularly. From high-quality supplements to nourishing self-care tools, our convenient wellness boutique filled with must-haves is always growing.

FULLSCRIPT: All supplements are not created equal. High-quality matters. Think of them as part of your diet. You want the best quality food possible put into your body and the best quality supplements. That’s why we spend time researching and recommending brands we trust and love. Fullscript is a one-stop shop for our favorite herbal remedies, vitamins, and supplements. For our favorites, and those we highly recommend for various conditions, click here and create your own account. It’s simple, we promise!


FOOD SENSITIVITY TESTING: Getting to the root cause of inflammation and imbalance is not always simple and obvious. Food sensitivity testing is a good way to uncover foods that may be problematic for you.  Our diagnostic test measures both IgG and Immune Complexes and reveals sensitivities in up to 176 different foods spanning all major food groups, including coloring and additives. Includes an app with a sample menu plan, recipes, and shopping list designed specifically for you.


FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE LAB TESTING: Discover the root cause of your symptoms with our personalized testing services. We offer comprehensive analysis, including microbiome, food sensitivity, hormone, and heavy metal toxicity testing. By identifying imbalances, we provide tailored recommendations for lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplementation. Our non-invasive methods make it easy to take control of your health. Get actionable results and take the first step towards a healthier you!


Some of my favorite things

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Patient Love

She is amazing! I started seeing Dr. Iona shortly after I moved here in 2020 at the height of the pandemic and just after finishing chemotherapy treatments for ovarian cancer. She has helped me build my immune system and boosted my energy levels. We work on diet, supplements, digestive issues. We discuss stress levels, sleep issues, eastern and western medicine. Dr. Iona asks the tough question and truly listens for honest answers. I credit her with my staying healthy this year and my recovery from surgery and treatment. She is a major part of my ongoing health and wellness routine

Joan K.

My doctor, Dr. Murphy, recommended Healing Points for my arthritis and diet issues. Since my many surgeries in the past I was having difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. Dr. Iona immediately started me on an elimination diet and acupuncture program which has been so successful. She is such a positive and intelligent guide as I navigate this new way of living and eating. My arthritis has subdued substantially. I have begun to lose weight after 15 years of trying. The calmness I have been experiencing in my busy life is such a gift. Managing stress finally feels doable. I highly recommend trying this program if others have failed you. The office is welcoming and Judy , her assistant, also is quite helpful in explaining billing and products. Mostly, Dr. Iona really cares for her patients and encourages everyone in their successes. This is a win win for me. I highly recommend her.

Peggy G.

I originally came to Michelle with stomach issues and anxiety. My job as a private yoga instructor requires that I physically and mentally be on my game. Not only did Michelle help me reset my gut it feels like we literally reset my nervous system! She is a vital part of my wellness routine and I know I perform better in my life and work when I am going regularly. I highly recommend her for both acute issues and ongoing support.

Mary S.

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