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Maria Faller Wellness Coordinator Healing Points Acupuncture near me Dr. Michelle Iona wellness center Riverhead acupuncturist long island

Meet Maria

Maria Faller, Wellness Coordinator

Maria is a dedicated wellness professional with over 15 years of experience in the field. She is thrilled to be a part of our practice, bringing her expertise and passion to the forefront. Maria’s journey towards a naturally healthy lifestyle began as a personal mission to transform her own well-being, and it ignited a strong desire to assist others in achieving the same.

With a solid background in exercise science and nutrition, Maria’s knowledge extends beyond physical fitness. She firmly believes in a holistic approach to well-being, recognizing the significance of mental and emotional health in conjunction with the physical. Maria’s vibrant energy and unwavering dedication to empowering individuals to take control of their health have led her to join Healing Points Acupuncture. Her ultimate objective is to create a lasting impact on as many lives as possible, helping people reach their full potential in body, mind, and spirit.

During her leisure time, Maria finds joy in the company of her family, enthusiastically supporting her sons during their lacrosse games. She also indulges in reading, writing, and maintaining an active lifestyle through exercise.

MaryAnn Jones Functional Medicine Health Coach Healing Points Acupuncture

Meet MaryAnn

MaryAnn Jones, NBC-HWC

The Habit Change Health Coach

MaryAnn is a functional medicine health coach trained by Chris Kresser, a leader in the functional medicine health community. She is also a Nationally Board-Certified Health Coach and holds certifications as a Food Addiction Coach and Cancer Care Coach.

Donna Nesteruk Licensed Acupuncturist Healing Points Acupuncture Riverhead Long Island

Meet Donna

Donna Nesteruk, L.Ac.

Donna is a licensed and board-certified (NCCAOM) acupuncturist and holds a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She is also a Certified Instructor and Practitioner of Tuning Fork Therapy


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